> Whats the difference between wood and bark?

Whats the difference between wood and bark?

Posted at: 2015-03-17 
Bark is the outermost layers of stems and roots of woody plants. Plants with bark include trees, woody vines, and shrubs

Trees are highly complex creatures with a vast network of support systems.

Wood is made up of long cells, like soda straws, that are full of water and other compounds and act as a large circulatory system for the tree. Also, not all wood is dead. The inner rings of wood, known as "heart wood" are dead cells and function as mechanical support. The outer rings of the wood (typically 0.5-3") are know as "Sapwood" and are very much alive.

Bark is an outer layer of the tree which protects it from pests, pathogens, and physical attacks....much like our skin does.

Between the Bark and the Wood is the Cambium. The cambium cells are raw cells that will divide into Bark or Wood and assist with outward growth. As the cambium divides into bark cells, the "inner bark" is pushed further out and the outer layer dies and turns into the hardened "outer bark" that we all know. The different textures of bark are caused by the bark cells splitting and cracking with this expansion.

Wood is "phloem" which even if it is green is actually dead because what is alive is the bark .

Bark is on the ouside of the tree and its job is to direct the water and the minerals from the soil up from the ground to the top of the trees and all of its leaves. That is why a hollow tree can still be alive but a tree that has a ring around it and the bark is removed will die very fast.

Bark of course is on the ouside and the wood is the part we use to build houses and logs out of.

Bark is the outer skin of a tree. Wood is the stuff inside.

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